Dating with Adeline from St. Petersburg


Good day to all who read this text. I am a native of St. Petersburg. I grew up in a family of ordinary workers. Graduated from high school and the Financial University. Currently totally free from the relationship. I want to meet a nice guy. Do not have model and sporty appearance. With a man who is open and honest, I feel much more confident than with a strong deceiver.

One of my Hobbies is website design and layout. I am still only an Amateur and a beginner in this class, but I really like it. In the summer I spend much time at the cottage with my parents. Sometimes I go to clubs and concerts of famous musicians with my friends. From music more prefer a modern rap. At night before sleep I often listen to classical music.

I like restraint in guys. Too emotional a type is not mine. I certainly understand that energy and enterprise are good qualities, but I am absolutely sure that you can do without them or at least keep them under control as much as possible.

Everyone who was interested with my profile please write in the message. Tell us about yourself and share a link to your social networks. I can get a better look at you and get to know you before I dare answer. For me, acquaintance with a foreigner is a responsible step and in order to make a decision I need to think carefully. Thank you and see you.

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