Dating with Agatha from St. Petersburg


Hi, everybody. Im a travel blogger. I often fly abroad to shoot new videos for my YouTube channel. I would like to meet an inquisitive person who loves travel and adventure. I will be interested with someone who, like me, is delirious with romance, the sea and scarlet sails.

As a child, I read a lot of books by different authors about brave captains and pirates. Now I like to read books on philosophy and psychology. Also, she often write scripts and texts to their stories with reviews from different countries.

I understand that the day will come when I want to stop and stop traveling the World and just want to stay home with my family: husband, children and siblings. But for now I feel a great potential and reserve of forces to do what I love.

I am 32 years old, I believe that I am still quite young to have the right to start a new stage of my life together with a man. I have never been married and I am skeptical about these formalities. Im sure true love will do everything. In the meantime, Im actively searching. Write to me, I ll be glad to meet you.

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