Dating with Alevtina from St. Petersburg


Hello from the beautiful city of St. Petersburg! I never thought I"d use the Internet to meet a foreigner. In General, international Dating is not really my topic. We need to keep up with the times. Not to hang out the same in life. It"s time to find the one and spend your life with him. Therefore, using modern technology, I was here.

In my city for life, in principle, there is everything, but it does not suit me, and I came to the conclusion that I want more. I saw a lot on TV, how people live abroad. I read a lot of books, and friends often share bright emotions and impressions about staying in other countries. A completely different life and a different attitude to it.

I want to meet a U.S. citizen. I"ve always wanted to go to America. Not only because of the beauty of the cities and the continent itself. Want to meet someone from another world, which is not imposed by all our nonsense about freedom of life, because, as such, we cannot. I want real freedom.

I will not paint here what I am good and good-looking. It is enough to contact me and communicate in private messages. The guys I"m interested in Skype with. After talking on Skype, I think it will become clear to whom I am more ready to entrust my further attention. Write and figure it out. Bye.

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