Dating with Antonina from Tyumen


Hello my good. In the cherished phrase "international Dating" and got this website. I decided to create my page, maybe someone will be interested in my personality. I am a sweet and affectionate fairy who knows how to work miracles and give peace and good to the people around me.

The one who decides to make a company in my happy family life, incredibly lucky. Don"t you dare doubt it. Me not so many years to have a great family experience, but in the relationship I know. That"s why I registered not on the Russian website, but on the international one.

The ideal couple for me will be a guy from the United States aged 25-30 years. Men older than this age are not interested, so you can not waste ink and eloquence, sending me messages. They"ll go nowhere and stay there forever.

There are no barriers for me. I am very assertive, hardworking and persistent. I persist in achieving my goals. Reliable in relationships. Do not accept cheating, but know how to forgive, a sober assessment of the situation. I wish all readers of this text a productive day and endless love!

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