Dating with Elena from Moscow


Hi. I"m Elena. I am 27 years old and recently I realized that it"s time to change something in my life, otherwise there is a danger to remain unmarried forever and spend the rest of my life all alone.

Who would I like to find? Like everyone: a faithful, decent man, confident in himself and his prospects. I do not insist that he be financially secure, enough that he is not an unemployed slacker and mentally retarded drunkard.

My life experience has repeatedly shown me and suggested for the future that it is not necessary to chase material values, turning into a cynic. Everything that can be required by a normal and even a young family, you can make money together, create your life together, find housing and other material values. For me, in the first place are spiritual values and if you adhere to the same views and principles, I am happy to talk with you.

I will be glad to any new acquaintance, but before you write to me, I urge you to read again my preferences and think carefully whether we agree in our interests. If Yes, then welcome to my World of good.

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