Dating with Elizabeth from Yekaterinburg


Welcome to my page. I"m here to find a real man. What does it mean in my understanding? Real - this word speaks for itself. For me it means - standing. It means - worthy, knowing the price and appreciating the woman.

I am 32 years old. I wasn"t married and I don"t plan to. Interested in familiarity without undue commitments. I don"t want to burden myself with family ties. It"s all just an illusion to me. All these wedding-marriage invented by people as a kind of duty. Why create difficulties if you can just love and live together.

At the moment I do not work, but I plan to open my beauty salon for men and women in the near future. This can be done abroad. If we get to know each other and make a couple, we can go abroad together, live in a nice country house and do business.

I don"t have any children, but if you really are a man and appreciate everything you have, respect me and our relationship, then I will feel full confidence in you and I will be able to have a child. Health there are no problems, dependencies do not have bad habits. You"ll find out all the details in person. Waiting for you, my Prince!

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