Dating with Emma from Chelyabinsk


Hi. I"m an aspiring video blogger and traveler. I have been on 11 of the countries I have visited. On this site I am in order to discover another part of the world. I want to meet a guy from another continent. If we have a relationship, it will be just wonderful.

I spend only a small part of my time in Russia. I am 23 years old,I graduated from the University of Economics. I got a higher education, but instead of getting a job, I decided to work for myself. I record various video reviews to order and make money on it.

In nature I find it difficult to describe herself. From outside, as they say, it is more visible. I consider myself calm and quite adequate girl. It"s not my way to handle relationships. I prefer to resolve all issues through negotiations. I"m sure to keep the relationship, it is enough to be patient and persevere to continue to do their job.

I like confidence, charisma and creativity in guys. In General, I love creative people for their unique approach to any situation. On the first dates I do not kiss, do not offer sex. I am ready to meet only with a person who will become close to me after correspondence. See you soon!

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