Dating with Galina from Yekaterinburg


Good afternoon. I"m glad you came to my page. I"m an ordinary Russian girl. Looking for my first and only love. I"m only 23 years old. All the relationships that were before, I do not consider anything serious. All of them were fleeting and were a mistake of youth, as if it did not sound sad.

Now I"m looking for my true love. Looking for someone close to me body and soul. Close in spirit and heart. About myself I can briefly tell the following. I was born and raised in Yekaterinburg. She went to school and recently graduated from College. My dream is to become a good lawyer or even better lawyer.

As for the family and children, I feel that I am ready for a normal family relationship. I am ready to give children to someone who will also be ready to support them, help me in everything and receive mutual care and attention. I know a lot, despite my age. My mother is a teacher at school, my father is a military man. There"s a brother and sister, older than me.

I want to meet a guy a little older than me or my age, so that we have common interests and Hobbies. I think that the big age difference has a negative impact on building relationships because of the difference between generations and life priorities. If you like me, write to me and then we will discuss everything. Thanks.

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