Dating with Irene from Yekaterinburg


Hello, dear visitor of my questionnaire. My name is Irina. I will be glad to meet a positive guy from the United States. No bad habits, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. I like to relax in a positive company. Often spend the weekend in nature, go to the country.

Ready to chat. I want to build a strong relationship. By nature, I am quite calm and balanced. I don"t throw tantrums over nothing. I believe that everything can be resolved through negotiations. In Russia, I have a small business, which is my favorite business and my main source of income.

In case of moving abroad, I think I will be able to do business further. I want to develop and improve it. I will tell you more about it in person. I like honesty first and foremost in guys. I know that in our time it is very difficult to maintain 100% honest and sincere relations, but I believe that this is possible.

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