Dating with Karina from Moscow


Hello, dear friend. I"m Karina. I am from Russia. On this site I want to meet a young man from abroad. I speak English well. I often go abroad and understand more and more that men there are more attractive to my taste.

At the moment I work as a Manager in a small company, but I want to develop further, both in terms of career growth and in terms of family relationships. The main thing in them I believe honesty and decency. Absolutely do not accept infidelity and betrayal, because I think that the relationship in the pair must be a single impenetrable wall.

She was not married, but like any girl would like a beautiful marriage proposal and a romantic wedding. I believe that despite the formalities, these two events will forever become the main ones in later life, as they are a confirmation of important decisions.

In the future, I would like to have children, give them care, kindness and attention and do the same with respect to her husband. Ready for meetings, acquaintance and communication.

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