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Hello to everyone who visited my page on this Dating site. Frankly before you can post here your profile I thought for a long time, and do I need it and why I"m not looking for a date in real life. You know, I already tried, but I came to the conclusion that my desire to meet a guy a foreigner is difficult to realize, getting acquainted with the guys directly where I live.

I am quite educated, modest and outwardly attractive girl from Russia. Since childhood, I had a bad idea of life in the country where I was born all my life. I always dreamed of something more, I wanted to travel, develop and see the whole world, because it is so big and beautiful!

I won"t say that I directly very much appreciate all the advantages, but that they are and can find the adherent I don"t doubt for a second. Who would I like to meet? Looking for a young energetic guy with whom we will develop a trusting relationship. With whom we together, not separately, will be able to overcome any difficulties in life, to organize family life and even give birth to children.

One of the main values in my life is a family - a family in which parents love each other sincerely, and children are happy because they are surrounded by care, affection, kindness, attention and understanding. I am looking for a devoted person who can keep this feeling, no matter what happens, not dropping his hands in front of the little things that happen in life very much. A man is a man behind whom I will feel as if I were behind a stone wall.

This is about my idea of a new acquaintance and I want everything I have planned to happen. I believe that and look forward to meeting a guy who is also willing to selflessly believe in US.

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