Dating with Laysan from Tyumen


Everyone reads the text of warmth and sunshine, good mood and positive maximum! In the city where I live, in Tyumen, it seemed to me very little space, so I expand the audience of my communication with the help of this international Dating site. I love life, people, positive and everything that brings positive emotions.

What I"m looking for? I want to meet a guy, go abroad and live happily ever after. The experience of living together was, but ended with the fact that we peacefully parted when we realized that we have different priorities and interests in life. Now I am completely free from relationships and ready to meet a new person. I really hope that this international Dating site will help me in this.

Describe myself a little. I"m a tall, slender girl with a gentle nature, but sometimes I"m tough. I think I know how to make decisions, although sometimes it is very difficult. In family life and in domestic terms, I am clean in the full sense of the word. I do not tolerate cheating and deception. I think it is better to tell the bitter truth than to build shaky relationships on lies.

It would be great if the guy I meet didn"t smoke, because I have tobacco smoke and smell can happen asthma attack. I also understand that there are no ideal people, so I do not impose strict requirements on men. We are all with their own cockroaches in my head. In General, if you are ready to plunge into the world of good and positive, just write to me. All good luck, success in life and victory in business.

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