Dating with Lydia from Rostov-on-Don


In fact, this questionnaire was posted on the site by my friend, who is also here. So please, when you write your messages to me, do not worry any strange answers because to answer them would be too it, but with my words.

I am a very shy and withdrawn girl. I"ve never had a serious relationship and now it"s time to have one. I did not know where to start, I trusted my friend and she advised me to place a profile on a Dating site for foreigners with Russian girls.

I am 23 years old. By nature a very private and secretive, but in life there are exceptions, which I periodically open. Such people are very few, but they are still there. I think that this attempt can be successful if you open up to me and I understand that your interests and life concepts are close to me.

Some people find the key to my heart through patience and diligence in the things they do to me. I love and appreciate people"s silence and cold-blooded actions, the benefits of which are much more than from idle chatter. So I"d be happy with a brief and succinct correspondence with a compelling argument why we should meet. Thanks.

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