Dating with Olga from St. Petersburg


Cute, kind and playful kitty, wants to meet with a foreign cat. I m sure we ll make a perfect couple. Ready to have kittens. It is very important that you were a decent and clean cat, and not a flea cat with matted hair. One of the important requirements is also that you are not a polygamous reveler, loved your house and cat.

I am 23 years old and I graduated from the Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg. For me, this city is more precious than life, I spent here the best time of the period that is already behind. And ahead affectionate kitty awaits a new country and she this feels. Believe me, I am so self-confident that even if I do not find a cat here, I will still go to live abroad and still show you all myself there in all its glory.

Kitty is very heat-loving, so she loves to wear warm coats in the winter and sunbathe on the sand by the sea in the summer. Do not be afraid that all the household chores and troubles immediately fall on your shoulders like a stone from the sky. I am on my own pussy and walk, usually by myself. But when I have you, everything will be split in half.

It will be important for you to know what my surroundings are well maintained fluffy Kiseki. So be careful not to flirt with them, or I ll scratch you. Although I m sure that with me your eyes will be busy with her and not outsiders. Anyway, I think you know who you re dealing with! You sure? Write... I am waiting... Moore-Moore.

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