Dating with Rinata from Rostov-on-Don


Hey. I want to meet a video blogger from Europe. If there are any, write to me. I have a lot of creative ideas for startups and new video projects. I want to move to Europe to do my hobby there, make videos and make money on it. I want to get a million followers and become famous. I promise not to wear a crown on my head.

I come from Rostov-on-don. Our city is not simple, but despite this there are few objects to work. Of course, there are sights, there are interesting events, but there are so few of them that you will not go far on video blogs, and there is absolutely no desire to do anything else because it will not bring joy.

What would I like right now? I"m thinking ice cream with strawberries, I thought one of you. No, it"s a joke! I"d like to meet a normal guy who understands me. I want him to feel me and support my new projects. Ideally, we could create a joint powerful startup and make good money on it.

You may have noticed that I often talk about earning opportunities. Yes! That"s right! Let"s face it. All of us somehow live to work, work to earn, and earn to live. This is a vicious circle that will never break, and I personally perceive this circle as an opportunity to live and earn. And to live better, you need to work harder. Looking for someone like me!

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