Dating with Ruslana from Rostov-on-Don


Hey. I"m Ruslana and I really want to meet a guy from America. Why so? It"s simple. I had the experience of living with a Russian guy. He was very good and kind, but he had a few bad habits that prevented us from living and communicating normally, especially to create a family. We ended up breaking up, and then there were a few other guys, and they were all having the same problems.

One day, resting on vacation abroad, I met an American and realized that not all is lost. We had an affair, but I had to go back to Russia because my trip was over. And now I dream to meet the same guy to build with him a strong and friendly family with a healthy lifestyle and the birth of healthy children.

I"m not an angel, but there are no perfect women, or people in General. Everyone has their own characteristics and I have them too, but at the same time I"m ready to change for the benefit of the relationship. I am ready to listen to my man, for whom I will also be the only and unique woman.

I know a lot of different ways to maintain a stable relationship, took several courses in family psychology. The fact that I broke up with the previous guy only says that most often, it is better to make a decision that will free the relationship from violence and give the opportunity to build new ones than to live with each other all my life against their will. As we say: by force you will not be nice. So let"s be nice to each other for love!

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