Dating with Seraphic from St. Petersburg


Hi! I m glad you decided to come over and meet me. I am 35 years old and I am an accomplished adult woman. A few years ago I divorced my husband and decided to live alone. At that time, I thought I could do it and I do not need anyone. But in practice it turned out that it is very difficult. I need a man s support, that s why I m here.

Who would I like to meet? Initially this should be guy from the US or Europe. I imagine him tall and tanned, but also quite practical and accomplished. That was not a sissy and could confidently support a family, if we have them.

For my part, I would very much like to give maximum attention and care about who will give me his reliable man s shoulder. I know how to be affectionate and attentive. Very tasty cook. Since childhood, accustomed to order and love when at home and at work all laid out on the shelves, around the cleanliness and order.

I would be glad if you first write to me and we talk a little to find out how we are interesting to each other. So feel free to write. Only by trying, we can find out if we have a chance to meet live and know true love in peace and joy.

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