Dating with Snezhana from Chelyabinsk


Hi. Very strange I was on this site, but apparently such a fate, so I did not stop and posted here my profile Dating with foreigners. I didn"t really expect to be here, it was spontaneous. With one of his friends, we recently argued that such acquaintances are meaningless and have a number of reasons not to take place.

In the end, to make sure of this or that result, I"m here. So, dear caretaker of my profiles, you"ve probably already concluded that I am a gambler. Yes! It is. And even the very life I believe gambling. It has a passion and a place for depression, but all this in General is life for me.

I would like to get acquainted with the foreigner not only as a matter of principle to win an argument with a friend. I just want to take the chance to find a like-minded person in an unusual place and see something new in life that I did not notice before. I am sure that such acquaintance and communication will certainly benefit both of us.

I am active, full of life and positive mood. My battery is always full power. I am looking for the same person charged with the opposite ion, with whom we will arrange a real and not short, but long circuit. I will be glad to communicate. I"m waiting!

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