Dating with Stesha from Chelyabinsk


Hi. I say at once: serious Dating not looking. Ready to meet the appropriate guy a foreigner. Looking for a smart and self-sufficient person, a man in the full sense of the word. To be able to feed and support.

Meetings only on neutral territory. In case of real assistance in moving abroad, I will faithfully serve until he says: enough. I don t like sitting in one place. Very active by nature in life and in bed. I have no equal in the kitchen. I ll feed even the most capricious.

No children and do not dream yet to acquire them because I want to live for yourself. Bold and confident always give the green light. I am quite wealthy girl, I know how to work with full dedication. I have experience in both service and management. At the moment I am developing my business.

Why not looking for serious Dating? First, I m too young to be burdened with the problems of retirement age. Secondly, if the relationship is serious, it will happen by itself. So, let s try, and then it will be seen how you meet my needs. Write!

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