Dating with Tamara from Rostov-on-Don


When filling out the questionnaire, a request was indicated to start it with a greeting. Well, greetings to all who are not lazy to read my writings. I"m glad if you read to the end, learn a little about me and maybe even write me a letter. So let"s go.

I was born and raised in the provincial town of Nakhichevan. But now it is a big metropolis with a million people and it is called Rostov-on-don. The city I love, but unfortunately, a few among the male population find themselves unable to. So I decided to stay here and try my luck on the Internet.

I am not a calm girl, but I have my own head on my shoulders. I know how to make decisions and quickly assess the situation. I have a good female intuition and a very good understanding of people. So if you"re just another scoundrel, you have zero chance of making out with me.

I want to find an acquaintance with a foreigner to try to understand what I lack in our Russian guys. There are no problems with English, I can talk, in the process of communication I am ready to delve into the study and its improvement. So, my dear foreigner, I expect you to act decisively, and then everything else.

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