Dating with Victoria from St. Petersburg


All good day. I"m glad you visited my page. I"ll tell you a little about myself. I was born in Leningrad region. He spent his childhood with his grandmother in the village because my parents worked a lot and lived permanently in the city. Mom"s a salesman and dad"s on business trips. I graduated from high school and moved to St. Petersburg to continue my studies at a higher education institution.

I am 21 years old and now I am in my third year of medical school. After graduation, I want to get a job in the profession, if by that time I do not move to live abroad. I love children and willing to babysit with my niece and nephew. I have a brother and a sister, we help each other in everything. I would like to meet a young man who will be my brother and friend and the most beloved husband in the world.

In addition to medicine, I am fond of drawing. I do yoga and during my vacation I travel to Malaysia for the purpose of self-knowledge. I will be glad to meet a guy with similar Hobbies. I like simplicity and openness in guys. I do not like arrogant guys who have a big crown on their head and an inflated self-esteem.

The rest of the details we with you, a respected visitor, and, perhaps, my the only and the extraordinary future husband, will discuss under personal meeting. Take courage and write to me about yourself. If I get hooked on your letter, I will definitely reciprocate. See you my guardian angel.

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